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2018 Ford Mustang Convertible A 0

2018 Ford Mustang Convertible Revealed

The sixth-generation Ford Mustang is arguably one of the most attractive Ford Mustangs ever produced, and the 2018 model boasts a number of external design tweaks and improvements to make it even more aesthetically...

First Look: 2013 Ford C-MAX Hybrid 0

First Look: 2013 Ford C-MAX Hybrid

The 2013 Ford C-MAX hybrid has a lot to offer efficiency-minded consumers, but it may have even more going for it. Jeff James takes an early look at the C-MAX hybrid as part of the 2013 Green Car Convoy.

Ken Block Goes Hollywood in Gymkhana Four 0

Ken Block Goes Hollywood in Gymkhana Four

Gymkhana driver and celebrity Ken Block has a demonstrated knack for flinging obscenely-overpowered small cars at high speed through convoluted gymkhana-style road courses, and his latest creation —  Ken Block’s Gymkhana Four; the Hollywood...


The Symphonic Matech Competition Ford GT

I’ve always thought that the Ford GT (and its forbear, the Ferrari-busting, LeMans-winning GT40) was the ultimate combination of track-punishing power and gorgeous sports car aesthetics. Let not forget that the GT also sounded...

Ford Flex Photosynth 0

Ford Flex Photosynth

In honor of our recent Ford Flex review–and the impressive Ford Sync system, which combines the software prowess of Microsoft with the automotive engineering boffins at Ford–we decided to post a Photosynth of the...

2009 Ford Flex Limited AWD Review 3

2009 Ford Flex Limited AWD Review

I’ve written about the “minivan stigma” before, which I’ve always felt was a bit undeserved. From a practical point of view the minivan is arguably the most efficient family-mover in existence, thanks to it’s...

Get Your Own “Eleanor” Mustang 1

Get Your Own “Eleanor” Mustang

There has been a dearth of top-caliber car movies over the past few years, but 1974 original—has been one of the better ones. Nicholas Cage and the always captivating Angelina Jolie may have been...